Christmas 2018 Delights



Cowgirl Creamery’s signature cheese, is a smooth, creamy, elegant triple-cream encased in a snowy-white bloomy rind. Made with organic milk from the Straus Family Dairy, Mt Tam is firm yet buttery with a mellow, earthy flavor reminiscent of white mushrooms. A Perfect addition to your pleasure! A BLUE RIBBON WINNER! A CHEESE CLUB FAVORITE!!

Manchego Pasamontes

Hailing from the La Mancha region, Manchego, Spain’s most popular firm cheese, is made by fourth-generation artisan cheesemakers. This extra special Manchego offers bright acidity with savory undertones of earth and grass, a bit of nuttiness, culminating  with a sweet, milky flavor. A true gem in the world of European cheese!


Rustic Bakery’s Meyer Lemon Shortbread

This delightfully scrumptious shortbread makes us think of the warmer months – citrusy and bright reminiscent of freshly squeezed lemonade.  This is a great detour and palate-pleaser when rich, ‘over-the-top’ decadent  holiday foods are abound. Surprise your guests with this vibrantly tasty option for your holiday dessert plate or enjoy them with a mug of hot tea (or hot chocolate if you prefer.) We’ve NEVER had a tastier LEMON cookie. They are even better than home-made! How can that be??

Noci Bella

A handmade walnut terrazzo (pressed walnut cake) with California’s finest walnuts, honey, maple syrup and a touch of sea salt. Some varieties are dipped in luscious dark chocolate. A perfect pairing for wine or cheese or a slice for self-indulgence. This is a FAVORITE in our household! It is a bit pricey- BUT WORTH EVERY CENT! And you only ned a little to satisfy your tastebuds!


Cacao Nib Shortbread

Rustic Bakery’s  handmade shortbread cookie is designed for those who love the rich, robust flavors of dark chocolate. The bakery crafts an indulgent medley of Valrhona cacao nibs and fleur de sel, creating a rich, buttery, and flakey and “to die for” experience. A MUST HAVE FOR THE DARK CHOCOLATE LOVER IN YOUR LIFE!!!


Rustic Bakery’s 3 Cheese Coins

These savory cheese coins have the perfect balance of cheese and butter along with enough flour to keep them crumbly. A combination of gruyere, Fiscalini Farms cheddar and reggiano parmesan, make these savory cookies an instant classic with a martini, glass of wine, or simply paired with grapes. 


Buttermilk Blue

Crafted in Wisconsin, this cheese will turn blue cheese skeptics into connoisseurs and blue cheese lovers into diehards.  This BLUE is handcrafted in small batches with fresh, raw milk from local Holstein and Jersey cows, resulting  in a beautifully balanced  cheese~ mellow and earthy with a  soft, creamy finish. So pleasant and holiday perfect!


Sgt. Pepper 

Want to spice up your Holiday?? Look no further than Sgt. Pepper. Cypress Groves Seargent Pepper® is a fresh goat cheese with a secret combination of four peppers, exotic spices, and pepper threads that results in a complex taste experience — with a slight kick in the pants.  They procure the FINEST goat milk to make the tastiest goat cheese, the building blocks for their entire line of cheese!


If you’re a dill fan, this is without a doubt the cheese for you. PsycheDillic® is a fresh goat cheese with  just the right amount of aromatic and hand-harvested dill pollen, creating a surprising depth of flavor with a tart and bright finish. Cypress Grove Creamery procures the FINEST goat milk to make the tastiest goat cheese, the building blocks for their entire line of cheese!