June Cheese

Cheese Offerings


935d8a79721ebdf93556647980ff5f44Up In Smoke, a fresh chevre wrapped in smoked maple leaves and spritzed with bourbon, is creamy and crumbly, with the perfect amount of smokiness coupled with a bright and lemony lactic tang- a perfect addition to any cheese board. Pair with Bourbon or Pinot Noir. Won the BEST AMERICAN CHEESE AWARD at 2013 world cheese awards.


large_cowgirl_cheese_mt_tamMt Tam, Cowgirl Creamery’s signature cheese, is a smooth, creamy, elegant, 8 oz triple-cream. It is made with organic milk from the Straus Family Dairy. Mt Tam is firm, yet buttery with a mellow, earthy flavor reminiscent of white mushrooms. Pair with hazelnuts or marcona almonds, a strawberry or peach jam and a sparkling wine. 



Prairie Breeze CheddarPrairie Breeze Cheddar, made in southeastern Iowa by Milton Creamery, is crumbly and packed with  flavor. This cheddar is sweeter than your typical cheddar, bursting with nutty tones and a savory finish. Try this American artisan cheese grated on a salad, in soup, in Mac & Cheese, on a Panini sandwich, with apple pie, your favorite chocolate chip cookie.


product-dill-garlic-secondary-mobileCHEVOO, made in Northern California, is a perfect hand-blended combination of fresh chèvre and locally harvested dill pollen, marinated in a light garlic-infused extra virgin olive oil blend. Crumble in your salad, serve on fresh bread, mix in with scrambled eggs, melt on your grilled veggies or dollop on your pizza crust. The list is endless! 


Red Rock, a Wisconsin original made by Roelli cheesehuas, is a cave-aged cheddar with a hint of blue.  It is creamy and sliceable, and is named for the local stone that surrounds the room in which it is aged.  Red Rock  has a beautiful annatto color and is aged between 3-6 months. Pair with a Zinfandel, a small batch Bourbon or Porter ale.



Pierce Pt from Cowgirl Creamery, large_cowgirl_cheese_pierce_ptis a rich, bloomy rind wheel  dusted with a beautiful mixture of field flowers, chamomile, calendula and Thai Basil. Reminiscent of summer in Northern California, Pierce Pt offers herbal and savory flavors that balance the tangy brightness of its paste. A seasonal favorite. Serve with stone fruit and a white or rose wine with floral notes.