Our Holiday Cheese

Feast your taste buds on these World Class cheeses!

We have been planning our holiday cheese selection for months and they have  finally arrived. I hope you drop by Palmer Specialty Foods to take full advantage of this rare, and hopefully more frequent in the future, cheese opportunity. These cheeses are not to be missed!!


Gorgonzola Dolce

Hailing from the  Lomabard region of Northern Italy, Gorgonzola Dolce is a mild, creamy and sweet blue cheese. This variety is a younger version of the stronger, aged gorgonzola and is prized for its soft and spreadable texture. Flavors are millky and unctuous, with notes of sour cream and butter and a clean, lactic tang. The flavors are not nearly as assertive as the older version, making it a VERY APPROACHABLE blue cheese!





Native to Nomandy France, Camembert is one of the most famous French cheeses. Similiar to Brie with it’s nice bloomy rind and rich and creamy center, Camembert has a nice earthy, nutty, fruity, grassy, and mushroomy aroma and flavor. Camembert tends to have deeper, more earthy and richer flavors than its Brie counterpart. A Roldolphe Munier Cheese.



cornish yargCornish Yarg

The Yarg is named after its birthplace and the only place in the world it is made, Cornwall, England. Thought to be a recipe dating to the 13th century, this cheese is a showstopper. It is a firm, young cheese with a fresh, lemony flavor that is slightly crumbly at its core and super creamy under its natural rind. Wrapped in Nettles, its edible nettle rind imparts an earthy mushroomy flavor and is one of England’s most treasured cheeses. EXCITING! AND A WORK OF CULINARY ART!



Keen’s Cheddar

Keens Cheddar, one of the most award-winning British cheeses, has been made by the  Keen family farm in Somerset, England since 1898. They use their own grass fed cows living on their farm to make this award-winning traditional cheddar cheese.  It is pressed and bathed for three days and matured for a minimum of one year. The resulting cheese is creamy, smooth and firm textured with long, earthy, rich, nutty flavours and a sharp cheddar “bite” at the end. Salivating yet??


All of these cheeses were chosen to help you craft  the  PERFECT  holiday cheese plate!