December Delights

Our new favorites have arrived!

Balsamic Vinegar from Compania del Montale



Made by a small Acetorium in Modena Italy, this vinegar was three years in the making before arriving at perfection. It has the most luxurious and velvety-thick texture! It is by far one of the richest and most flavorful Balsamic Vinegars we have tried in our search for the best! 






Valrhona-Grand Cru Araguani 72% Cacao Bar



Valrhona, crafter of some of the best chocolate in the world, is known for its single origin sourcing. Araguani, a bar originating from a combination of Venezuelan cocoa beans, offers a rich and complex aromatic profile featuring warm notes (raisins, chestnuts) and hints of licorice.







Hazelnuts from Piedmont, Italy





Piedmont, the birthplace of Nocciolatta aka Nutella, has the perfect growing conditions for cultivating the sweetest and most flavorful hazelnuts in the world. Simply the Best! Wonderful with cheese, chocolate and as a special nutty treat.






Fra’Mani Hand-Crafted Salametto




Striving to create authentic authentic Italian handcrafted food, Fra’ Mani strives to keep old world food traditions alive in taste and technique. Salametto is a coarse ground and garlic infused dried salami that is both rich in color and full of Italian flavor. Perfect for an outing, cheese plates, and entertaining in the midwest where pork rules! And it is antibiotic and hormone free.